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The ASCAND color 3D laser scanner standard edition

Laser Precision 3D Scans – Out Of The Box

The 3D Scanning Platform that grows with the Cloud, your Phone, and your Ambitions

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close up picture of 3 measure bands scanned with ASCAND color laser 3D SCanner


Smartphone Apps typically mimic the missing depth sensor by using low-resolution “Photogrammetry Image-Stitching”.

ASCAND uses precision laser technology combined with powerful AI and computer vision algorithms running on a scalable server network in the Cloud delivering Laser Class Precision down to 0.05 mm.


By combining computer vision and laser algorithms, ASCAND creates True Color 3D Models that even include colors that typically hide from laser scanners. Such as black red, and others.

Collage showing the merging of multiple 3D scans into one detailed, colorful 3D model using ASCAND - the 3D scanning platform.


ASCAND is capable of merging multiple 3D scans into one detailed, colorful 3D model. Without those nasty holes in the head and the bottom. Move beyond the shell.

3D-Print ready!

Ever dreamt of owning a Star Trek Replicator? If you have a 3D printer, ASCAND gets you as close as you can with today’s technology. It directly creates smooth, 3D printable files from your scan. Without you having to go the Star Fleet Academy, being a rocket scientist, or enrolling into a MeshLAB class. Sorry – no drinks and no dinner. Yet.

portable ASCAND Color Laser 3D Scanner in Product Box


ASCAND won’t bog down your phone or your computer, or inflate your ever growing cable chaos. If you like, you can operate it with no wires attached. You can pack ASCAND into your backback in less than a minute. And get it operational at your 3D scan party in less than 2.

Affordable, Sustainable and Extendable!

Whether you want to replace, mod, or extend your ASCAND: You can freely download all of it’s 3D printable parts and print them at home. Or feed your Maker soul and print them all. Just add a Turm Table, a Laser, 3 Batteries, and a Block Code Tape and you are rolling on an eco-friendly PLA track.

Desktop / Smartphone dashboard collage of the ASCAND 3D scanning platform showing  the "upload" area of a user profil .

Advanced. Never Outdated.

ASCANDs grid is orders of magnitudes more powerful than the single-board computers squashed into traditional scanners or the chips that power even the most advanced phones.

The ASCAND platform takes you along with the bleeding edge of cloud based 3D algorithms instead of leaving you boxed-in and behind.

Powered by the Cloud and your Phone. Advancing with every Update.

Affordable enough to start. Powerful enough to succeed.

Join the most scalable Laser 3D Scanning Platform on the Planet.

The Specs

Blender animation of the ASCAND color laser 3D scanner illustrating scanner key features.

Plans from FREE to PRO

Join the most scalable Laser 3D Scanning Platform on the Planet.