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ASCAND Parts and MODs

Looking for ASCANDs Perfect-Match Phone Holder for your individual Phone?

To give your phone a perfect fit, we have created over 10.000 phone holders for pretty much every phone that was released on this planet.

You can download their STL when you select your phone in your profile page.

Head over to your account, log in, and visit the Phones and Calibration section of your Profile page Then download the phone holder perfectly matching the dimensions of your phone.

The 3 things you need to 3D-Print your ASCAND Maker Edition and go DIY all the way.

Your 3 files you need to 3D print are the ASCAND Parts – 3D Print Plate (any color), the Turn Table Sleeve Ring (mandatory WHITE), and the ASCAND body of your choice.

ASCAND Maker Edition Files

ASCAND Parts – 3D Print Plate
ASCAND Space Body A

Space A Body

We got inspired for this Body watching our favourite SciFi Show. Guess which …

ASCAND Space Body K

Space K Body

This design resembles a Klingon Sword. We like it so much, that we made it the standard design for our acrylic laser cut bodies

Guitar Body ASCAND

Guitar S Body

If you like to rock, you will love this design. We found the inspiration for this unique design by looking at the guitars in our office. May your scans be in tune …

Tree Of Life Body ASCAND

Tree Of Life Body

This design works best with a laser cutter or some wood filament. For all of you that love to go organic

Turn Table Sleeve RIng

Turn Table Sleeve Ring

This is the ring that is used to attache the Block Scan Tape to. NEEDS TO BE PRINTED IN WHITE PLA

ASCAND Turn Table Bracket

Turn Table Holder

This component holds the Turn Table in place. It is using a LEGO like structure to attach to the Body or a LEGO stucture. Print it using PLA any color you like

ASCAND Laser Holder

Laser Holder

The Laser Holder holds the ASCAND Laser Module in place. Latest Version V3 with 10° tilt for added height. Print it in PLA using any color you like

Generic Phone Holder

Generic Phone Holder

The One-Size-Fits-All Generic Phone Holder is compatible with what you find in your ASCAND Box

Generic Phone Holder Stick

Phone Holder Stick

The Phone Holder Stick makes sure that your Phone is at a right angle to your ASCAND Turn Table

All files for the ASCAND 3D scanner are designed to be 3D-printed on most standard consumer 3D Printers with easy-to-use, widely-available, affordable PLA+ at a minimum temperature of 215C. A standard 0.4mm nozzle is fine. Infill does not matter.

You can print the Plate in any color your like as long as you are not getting too glossy. However, the Turn Table Sleeve Ring HAS TO BE printed in WHITE to avoid the white bits of the Block Code Tape from being “recolored” by a Turn Table Sleeve Ring color that shines through.

Great suggestions on planning and optimizing your printing and scanning results can be found in our FAQ section.

Printing Cost & Time

The total printing time on a consumer grade 3D printer for the complete Plate is about 6:26 hours (on a Prusa MK3).You will need about 78g of 1.75 PLA Filament. Total filament cost for the plate should be about EUR/US$ 2.

Due to the size of some components, please DISABLE “Brim”, the “Skirt”, and the “Raft” settings you might have when “slicing” the Plates, the Center Bar, or the Turn Table Sleeve Ring.

By downloading any STL-file from this site, you agree to abide by this license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Non Commercial-NoDerivates 4.0 International.