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The DIY Maker Edition is ideal for all those Makers that love to create their own rendition of ASCAND on their – or someone else’s – 3D Printer. It contains all the parts you cannot 3D print and leaves the rest to all you 3D printing Makers.

Get everything you need that can’t be printed on your 3D Printer

  • A safe 5mW laser module.
  • A special foil block code tape needed for your turn table sleeve
  • A battery case for unplugged operation.
  • A large 200mm turn table that is powered via USB (USB cable included) or a standard rechargeable battery (type 18650, not included).
  • A calibration card to fine tune your scanning experience
  • Start with your free Welcome Credits and add Credits as you need them

Click here to download your FREE STL files for all 3D printable parts of your ASCAND Color 3D Laser Scanner.