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Your ASCAND Currency: Credits

In order to to process jobs in the ASCAND Cloud, you need to use your ASCAND Credits.

Worry not – we have already placed some FREE Credits into your account when you signed up for it. So you can take it for a spin without having to pull out your wallet.

The amount of Credits you need for each job depends on the burdon it puts on our servers. No surprise here.

Your current balance is always available at your account.

FrogKing DraftQuality No Laser


1 Credit

Ideal for anyone that wants to experience and learn 3D Scanning. Resolution is good enough for creating meshes and STL Files for 3D printing.

  • Max. ScanVideo Length: 120 sec
  • With our without Laser
  • Resolution 1mm
  • Color Point Cloud (PLY)
  • Private Locker
FrogKing Quality


2 Credits

Ideal for 3D-Print Fans that want the ASCAND platform to take care of generating the 3D printable meshes and STL file generation.

  • Max. ScanVideo Length: 120 sec
  • Color Correction through 60/60 Seconds Laser On/Off Scanning
  • Resolution 0.5 mm
  • Output:
    Color Point Cloud (PLY)
    Mono Mesh (STL)
  • Private Locker
FrogKing Detail Quality


3 Credits per ScanVideo

Ideal for Advanced Users that want better resolution and take advantage of auto-merging multiple 3D scans for a full 3-axis model showing all sides, the bottom and the top of the model.

  • Max. ScanVideo Length: 180 sec
  • Color Correction through 120/60 Seconds Laser On/Off Scanning
  • 2 x Oversampling
  • Resolution 0.2 mm
  • 360^3 Multi Scans
  • Output:
    Color Point Cloud (PLY)
    Mono Mesh (STL)
    Color Mesh (OBJ)
  • Private Locker